Description of Products

Polyfet RF Devices manufactures broad band, High Power Mosfet RF Transistors and compact RF broadband amplifier modules. The technology bases for our transistors are Silicon Gate Vertical and Lateral DMOSFETs; and Gallium Aluminum Nitride (GAN). We introduced our first generation of VDMOS devices in 1985, followed by the release of our LDMOS devices in 1996. The second generation of VDMOS devices was released in 2002. 2011 is when we launched our line of GAN devices to the market. Our line of power modules employs both D-MOS and GAN devices as appropriate. Our products are well established in the industry as we have a long history supporting both military and commercial applications.


Our broad band power modules are compact in size. They are internally matched to 50 ohms input and output impedances. External Vds and Vagc pins are provided for bias control. We developed our line of modules to satisfy the market demand for a product that falls between a discrete transistor and a full-feature amplifier. They are basically a compact pallet amplifier enclosed in a conectorized case. The current range of specifications for our modules is up to 1GHz, 300W, 28Vdc, and 50dB gain (not all specifications are met at once).


The line of GaN devices we manufacture perform well across 30-3000MHz. The typical gain at P3dB at 2.5GHz is 11dB, and the efficiency is 65%. The drain break down voltage is well over 150Vdc. The devices provide the best power and gain when operated off of 48Vdc but can be operated off of 28V resulted in reduced gain and power.


The LDMOS series of transistors was introduced in the Summer of 1996. Our LDMOS series operate off of supply voltage range of 5-50Vdc. LDMOS technology offers high gain, efficiency and linearity for operations at frequencies of up to 1500 Mhz. Typical gain at 1000 MHz is 13 dB, 16 dB at 500 Mhz, and 19dB below 500MHz. RF Power of up to 100W at 1 GHz with gain of 11 dB can be expected. LDMOS transistors have the added advantage of not having BEO ( Beryllium Oxide) in its construction; thereby eliminating a need for this toxic material.


In 2002 the S-series of Vertical D-MOS transistors, which have much lower Crss - (feedback capacitance), was released. This generation was released to slowly replace the F-series product line that has been in production since 1985. The enhancements in performance of the S-series are in RF power, gain, and efficiency. This series is suitable for 12.5Vdc, 28Vdc, and 50Vdc operating voltages.


We manufacture our devices using a modular die concept. This provides us the ability to manufacture devices of many different power levels. Another benefit to the module die concept is this helps reduce the thermal impedance of the devices.



The following "F1" 28V series are phased out. We do not supply these parts anymore. Please use the S1 series for replacments.

The F1000 series of products are 28V products. RF Pout Power ratings vary from 20 Watts to 200 Watts.

The F1200 series of transistors works off 12.5V power supplies.

The F1400 series of transistors works off 50V power supplies. Power ratings of up to 250 Watts is available.

The F2000 series of products are 1 Ghz , 28V products. RF Pout Power ratings vary from 2.5 Watts to 20 Watts. These transistors may be used to 1300 Mhz. These are good driver transistors especially for broadband applications.

These are 12.5V transistors with RF power out of up to 40W with 12 dB gain.