New Product Numbering System - June 1st 1998

As of June, 1998, we have renamed our LDMOS products with an improved numbering system. The numbering system identifies the package and the number of dice used. The numbering system consist of 5 characters

The last character 'D' identifies the number of dice used. (Per side for Push Pull Devices)
The fourth character 'V' identifies the supply voltage. '0' for 28V, 4 for 50V and '2' for 12.5V
The third character 'M' defines the die identity.
The second character identifies the package used. A 'K' would identify 'AK package, a 'Q' for AQ. A 'X' for LX2 and so forth.
The first character differentiates between Vdmos and Ldmos. 'L' is for Ldmos.

New Part Number Old Part Number
LP701 New Product
LP702 New Product
LX703 New Product
L88016 No change
LK701 New Product
LK702 New Product
L125 No change
LP801 L88012
LP802 L88014
LX802 L88082
LX803 L88083
LQ801 L88013
LK802 L88026
L225 No change
LP821 L88212
LK822 L88208
LQ821 L88216