Bill Soo Hoo
In 1966, William, or Bill, was elected mayor of the City of Oxnard.  He had the honor of becoming the first man of Chinese heritage elected to mayor in California,

The Yee Family
The Yee family arrived in Ventura’s Chinese community in 1881.  The family consisted Yee Hay, Chan Shee and their daughter Emily.

Sam Fong Yi

Sam Fong Yi, merchant, labor contractor, restaurateur, farmer and beloved Ventura Pioneer was born in China December 1852 and immigrated to America in 1870 at the age of 18.

  Tom Lim Yan
Tom Lim Yan was a big man - in every sense of the word. In stature he was large and his tremendous influence in San Buenaventura’s Chinese community spanned over 30 years